Coming Back From Injury

I’ve had my fair share of injuries, including:

  • Pubic Ramus Stress Fracture (Winter-Spring ’18)
  • Soleus Strain (Summer ’16-Spring ’17)
  • Tibial Stress Fracture (Winter ’14-’15)
  •  ITBS (Recurrent)
  • Plantar fasciitis (Fall 2013)
  • Water on the knee (Fall 2011)

And unfortunately, I’m sure that won’t be the last of it. I started this blog as I was coming back to running as a way to document my recovery and build up after three months off due to a tibial stress fracture.

That three months was, at the time, the longest block of time I had to take off from running due to injury since I began taking running seriously in the summer of 2012. That time off came right as I was preparing to train for my first Boston Marathon (I didn’t even toe the line that year), and as my marathon and half marathon PRs were dropping.

When I started running again, I was afraid that I’d never get back into PR shape. My fiance could tell you all about my melodrama. After that, I set PRs in every distance that I had run since that stress fracture.

In 2017, I faced an even bigger struggle: I had to take a solid six months off due to a long-running calf strain. I was cleared to start running again in June 2017 (on an anti-gravity treadmill, the Alter-G). Once again, I was afraid that I might never get back into PR shape. This time though, I didn’t have a redemptive comeback. Instead, just as I was about to get back into real training, I was diagnosed with another injury: a pubic ramus stress frature (in the pelvis). This time, my nutrition was to blame.

I’m once again starting over, this time with a greater focus on my nutrition.

Anyway, I hope my posts about my recovery journey will help inspire and inform others as they battle with their own injuries. (And I hope people will learn from my mistakes and go see a doctor as soon as possible!)


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