Welcome to PRs & Chocolate Bars!

My name is Kaitlyn, and I’ve been a running addict for going on three years.

I began running in high school with both track and cross country, but I only truly began to love running in my adult life.

I ran my first marathon in April 2013, and have since run four more. Maybe it’s too soon to make this a goal, but right now the idea of running a marathon in every state (and maybe some major European capitals) sounds pretty great!

Berlin Marathon 2014

While I’ve been running for years now, I decided it was time to start up a blog after I left the world of journalism and decided I needed a new outlet for my writing.

For now, I’ll focus on my (hopefully) triumphant return after a three-month hiatus due to a tibial stress fracture. Along the way, I hope to share many stories about training, cross training, injury prevention and the running food adventures my friends and I think up. I hope you enjoy it!

IMG_0837 copy

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