Pubic Ramus Stress Fracture, An Update

Not exercising doesn’t make for very interesting blogging, but I’m overdue for an update. I was kind of hoping that if I waited a bit long, I could come to you with news of a triumphant return. Alas. In my first post about my most recent injury, I laid out what led up to my … Continue reading Pubic Ramus Stress Fracture, An Update

Never Ending Frustrations

For better or worse, my approach to dealing with niggles during recovery has been to run through it, because boy have there been niggles. I feel like if I stopped running with each and every one, I’d never be able to build back to full strength! Luckily, that approach seems to be working (for the … Continue reading Never Ending Frustrations

Phantom pains resolved…phew.

I was both smart and stupid in dealing with the phantom pains that I mentioned that I was feeling in my last post. I was smart, because I called up my sports doc and set up an appointment. I was stupid, because I was frustrated with the fact that the earliest appointment was a whole … Continue reading Phantom pains resolved…phew.

The Ghost of Injuries Past, Or A New Problem?

I’m now two solid weeks into my recovery and back to running for 30 min. segments, but now I’m faced with a new problem: phantom pains (I hope). In the past week, I finished my fourth — and last — day of run/walking and ran for a full 30 mins. without any walking three times … Continue reading The Ghost of Injuries Past, Or A New Problem?