Philly Training: Week 14

With less than four weeks until race day, I think I’m finally starting to hone in on my goal pace.

Last week was a record week in terms of mileage, and had some critical workouts that made it one of the most important weeks of the season so far.

I started the week with my standard Monday morning recovery run, and then followed that up on Tuesday with a medium long run that didn’t really know what it wanted to be.

I had scheduled 72 minutes at marathon pace, but with a marathon-paced long run slated for Saturday, I decided that probably wasn’t the best idea and made this one “general aerobic.”

When I got out there though, I was feeling pretty good and pushed it a little faster, so my pace ended up being about 30 seconds slower than marathon pace, but 20 seconds faster than general aerobic pace. Wednesday, I ran an easy 4 miles to help boost my mileage to where I wanted it for the week.

Thursday, I had my first real workout: 1600 meter repeats with an 800 meter recovery.

I was supposed to do this in the 6:13-6:18 range, but was a little slow, hitting:

6:20 – 6:16 – 6:21 – 6:20 – 6:23.

(Track workouts always have cool charts and graphs.)
(Track workouts always have cool charts and graphs.)

Still, I think this was a strong threshold workout and good prep for my 5k this coming weekend.

On Saturday, I had 16 mi. with 10 mi. at marathon pace. As you may know, I’ve been struggling with what marathon pace should be all season, most recently after running a better-than-expected half a couple weeks ago.

My MP runs so far this season have all been around 7:15, but I decided to step it up this weekend to see how it felt. The MP miles went like this:


My heart rate was really good and stead for that portion of the run, so I’m feeling pretty okay about planning on going out at 7:08ish at Philly in four weeks. (Disclaimer: This may end terribly.)

Total: 54 mi.

All in, it was a good week heading into the peak week of the season. This week, I have a 5k and a 22 mile long run on tap (my last real long run of the season!) and a total of 56 miles.

I plan on capping it off by cheering my head off for my friends running the New York City Marathon this weekend. (If you are running, good luck!)

Flashback to New York City Marathon, 2014, and the best race outfit ever.
Flashback to New York City Marathon, 2014, and the best race outfit ever.

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