When Injury Rears Its Ugly Head

All good things must come to an end, right? For me, that means the end of my 16-month streak of staying injury free. Yesterday was my 9th day of no running due to an issue with my calf, right at the musculo-tendinous juncture where the Achilles’ tendon meets the base of the gastroc muscle. The … Continue reading When Injury Rears Its Ugly Head


Confronting The Running Blues

The Boston Marathon was exactly one month ago today…and I’ve run less in the past month than any other month since I was sidelined due to injury more than 15 months ago—but this time, I’m not injured(ish). If you read my recap, you’ll know that Boston was a disappointing race for me. I know the … Continue reading Confronting The Running Blues

Never Ending Frustrations

For better or worse, my approach to dealing with niggles during recovery has been to run through it, because boy have there been niggles. I feel like if I stopped running with each and every one, I’d never be able to build back to full strength! Luckily, that approach seems to be working (for the … Continue reading Never Ending Frustrations

Training Road Blocks: Extensor Tendonitis

Getting back into shape is never easy. Just when you think you are getting into the groove, it feels like something always has to happen to get in the way. I felt pretty good last week after Ragnar, which I viewed as a great success. I felt comfortable enough to begin some actual speed training. … Continue reading Training Road Blocks: Extensor Tendonitis

Phantom pains resolved…phew.

I was both smart and stupid in dealing with the phantom pains that I mentioned that I was feeling in my last post. I was smart, because I called up my sports doc and set up an appointment. I was stupid, because I was frustrated with the fact that the earliest appointment was a whole … Continue reading Phantom pains resolved…phew.

Getting Back To It

This winter was long. It was cold, snowy and generally gross. Oh, and I couldn’t run for roughly three straight months. Pretty much any repeat marathon runner will tell you it truly is an addiction. Take running away, and the rest of your life seems harder. Throw in some (self-diagnosed) seasonal-affective disorder, all the delicious … Continue reading Getting Back To It