Philly Training: Week 5

Last week marked my hardest week of training yet. It definitely left me tired, but feeling a lot stronger.

During the week, I squeezed in two tempo workouts and a long run with a significant portion at marathon pace. Mix in an overall lack of sleep over the weekend, and I’m definitely ready for this week and next, both of which will be far easier (on the running front, at least).

Here’s what the week looked like:

Training Week 5

It always feels nice to knock out your hardest workout of the week by 7:30 on Monday morning. This week’s half-marathon workout was similar to last, but with two longer intervals versus three shorter ones.

I averaged 6:54.8 for the half-marathon paced miles, which would equate to a 1:30:34. By the end of the workout, I was wiped, but hopefully with a proper taper and cooler temperatures I’ll be able to pull that off come October!

After a humid recovery run Tuesday, I jumped into what was my hottest, most humid workout of the summer so far. In just 70 minutes, I lost 2.5% of my body weight!

Canova Ks involve alternating between a kilometer at half marathon pace and a kilometer at marathon pace without rest. With the less than ideal conditions, it felt much harder than my Monday workout and I found it very hard to hit my half-marathon pace.

My half marathon kilometers should have been about 4:17 and the marathon kilometers about 4:30, but here is what they really looked like:


As you can see, my heart rate really got up there at the end.

Then, on Friday (because I took the day off to go to Chicago for a wedding on Saturday), I had my long run.

The conditions were far better than I’ve had for any other long run this summer, and I was pretty excited about my route. I was going to be taking the DuPage River Trail to the Aurora Branch of the Prairie Path (a rails-to-trails route).

…But the thing is, I was starting from Naperville, a town and area I’m not as familiar with as Wheaton/Glen Ellyn, where I grew up and went to high school. So that run got off to a rough start, with a number of detours as I struggled to find the right path to follow.

On top of that, I was confused by/frustrated with my watch! It kept clicking off the “miles” every 5 minutes or so. Turns out I forgot to switch back the auto-lap function to miles from kilometers after the Canova workout! After I figured that out, I was distracted for a good few miles calculating what my paces in kilometers should be for the easier portion of the run (answer: about 4:55 min/kilometer). Luckily, I had everything figured out by the time I reached the marathon-pace portion of the run.

Honestly, that portion felt fantastic! I averaged 7:14/mile over those 10 miles. And when I was running at marathon pace, I feel like an elite runner or a gazelle. My form just felt spot on and strong. Do you ever get that feeling?

I had my pack mule/favorite photographer following along on a bike, and he snapped some fun pictures.


The week ended with a very hard 5 mile recovery run. Hard, because it was late on Sunday due to a delayed flight, and I was feeling hung over and generally gross from all the rich food I consumed over the course of the weekend.

Me and the “pack mule” all dressed up!

Total: 49.2 (my highest weekly mileage ever!)

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