Philly Training: Week 6

It’s double the fun with race-week recaps this week. With vacation looming (and my long run already done!), I figured I better get this post up before I get lazy and skip it.

I’m not going to lie, last week took it out of me. Two workouts and a long run with 10 miles at marathon pace? What was I thinking? Oh, right, I was thinking I’d get a bunch of good workouts in before I go on vacation. But that plus a weekend of very little sleep was a bad combination.

I skipped a planned workout this week (56 minutes at marathon pace on a hilly course), in favor of the same distance as a “general aerobic run” (a moderate effort run up to 10 miles, according to Pfitz). I also cancelled a spin class I had signed up for in favor of an extra hour of sleep.

When it’s all said and done, here is what the week ended up looking like (the Sunday run obviously pending):

Training Week 6

Notably easier than last week…and yet, I’m still tired! Why? This still hasn’t been a great week for sleep, and that situation isn’t likely to change until maybe Sunday?

I did sleep in on Monday (thanks to the cancelled spin class), but Tuesday I had an early barre class, which I didn’t want to skip because I feel like my body needs it! And Wednesday, I had to go to DC for work, which meant a 5 a.m. wake up to catch my train. Thursday it was an even earlier wake up…4:40 a.m.! Why would I do that to myself? Only to get my long run in before flying off to Europe this evening!

The real problem? I wasn’t getting to bed any earlier do to pre-vacation laundry, the trip to DC (it didn’t help that the train was delayed by 1.5 hours), etc.

Today, I decided I might as well just get up at 5:30 (only about 30 minutes earlier than I would have anyway…), because at this point, I’m sorta kinda getting myself ready for the time change? Right? I know jetlag will still kick my butt, but wishful thinking. At the very least, I hope it helps me pass out on the flight.

Anyway, you can probably see why I’m looking forward to bed time on Saturday night.

Since this week didn’t have any workouts, it isn’t as exciting for you, but I’m proud of myself for getting through it. My body felt very worn down after the weekend, but started to feel better by Thursday, so I put in a good effort for my long run (avg. 7:50 min/mile).

Here’s what it looked like (notice the beautiful weather!):

LR redux

Sometimes, it’s just really cool to run in New York. While it’s hard to get up and get out there as early as I did on Thursday, seeing the city while it sleeps makes it worth it.

Stay tuned, soon I’ll regale you with tales of biking across Eastern Europe!

Total: 47 mi.(ish?)

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