Boston Training: Week 3 (And Big News!)

Last week was a big one. Sure, I hit as many miles last week as I did during Philly peak week, but more importantly, I got engaged!

On Sunday afternoon, when I largely recovered from a hangover (remnants of my running team’s holiday party the night before), my boyfriend fiancé and I went for a walk in Central Park to kill some time before dinner with some friends. As it turns out, dinner was a ruse.

As we were walking through Central Park, which was surprisingly deserted, Luke decided we should climb up on a rock for a better vantage point. We get up there and there is a little kid climbing around, but he and his father soon walk off, and after they do, Luke got down on one knee and popped the question.

The Spot

I obviously said yes. I expected something was coming soon, but I didn’t expect anything this weekend, so I was blown away.

Afterward, we got some pictures in the empty park with fresh snow before walking over to our first date spot, where Luke had given them a heads up and they had a table and some bubbly ready for us.  It was a perfect evening.

Post Proposal

It’s a good thing we both had Monday off work for MLK Jr. Day, because we needed the entire day to call around and get the word out to our families!

While I wasn’t expecting anything this weekend, I was expecting something soon because of some odd questions I’ve been getting lately, such as: “Do you think this weekend’s long run will leave you particularly tired?” You know I’m a lucky lady when my man plans to propose around my running schedule 😉

That brings me to my training, since this is a running blog, after all.

Last week wasn’t easy. It capped off a seven-week build up back to my peak mileage from the last training cycle, and it included 2.5 hard workouts.

Here’s what the plan looked like:

Bos Week 3

You know it is going to be a doozy of a week when it starts off with a 10 mile medium-long run on Monday morning! This is something new I’ve added to my schedule this cycle drawing upon the Pete Pfitzinger influence. This is a run I never mind, because I always feel great at long-run pace!

Tuesday’s run, however, was a different story. I’m just really struggling with lactate threshold workouts this cycle. My paces felt nearly impossible during this workout, so much so that I only ran 4 miles of tempo when I was originally planning on 5 miles!

I think part of my struggle with these runs is that I depend too much on my watch. So when during the first half of my first tempo mile my watch told me I was at an 8:40 min/mile pace (which was categorically wrong), I sped up. I sped up so much that I think I ended up pushing well past lactate threshold into lactate overload territory. That is obviously not good, and I paid for it. I think I need to go more on feel with this going forward.

After that failed workout on Tuesday, I totally didn’t want to get out of bed for my recovery run on Wednesday. I can tell you I’m sick of winter at this point. I don’t care if it’s cold in the morning, but just give me some sunshine! My body was definitely feeling it too. I averaged a 9:05 min/mile pace on this one, which I think is my slowest average run pace in perhaps years (because I wasn’t very good with the whole “recovery” concept in the past). I was running by heart rate, though, so I know it’s what my body needed.

Thursday I had more successful cruise intervals. I ran 6 x 1000 meters with a goal of 3:55-4:00 per interval, with a 200 meter recovery jog between intervals. In reality, I hit: 3:57 – 3:57 – 3:58 – 3:59 – 4:01 – 4:00. I struggled with the final three because the wind started to pick up, but I was pretty happy with that effort. I think I do better on the track than I do with longer tempos.

My original plan for the long run this week was 16 miles with 10 miles at goal marathon pace, but I was feeling really wiped out after being sick the prior weekend and pushing hard in two workouts this week. As such, I decided it was a good idea to cut the marathon-pace section in half.

I ran that long run with two lady friends who are looking to go sub-3 in the spring, so our marathon-paced miles looked like this: 6:53, 6:52, 6:51, 6:52, and 6:53. We were definitely consistent, but it sure didn’t feel easy!

I wrapped up the week with an easy, hung over recovery run before my week took a marked turn for the better 😀

10 thoughts on “Boston Training: Week 3 (And Big News!)

  1. Congratulations! On what looks to me like a great training week and more importantly, an amazing life milestone! I actually got married in Central Park in the Summer of 2010 (on my 30th birthday). I’m looking forward to returning there one day with our son!


    1. It must have been a beautiful wedding! It’ll definitely be a special day when you can return there with your son. We are thinking about maybe getting married in Prospect Park to complete our tour of NYC parks 🙂

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