Race Report: CASA Superhero 4 Miler and Midland Mile

This race report features double the fun after my double-header this weekend at the CASA Superhero 4 Miler and the Midland Mile. I don’t usually race twice in one weekend, but when I do, I do it in quest of a PR. So here’s the back story. Back in June when I was planning my … Continue reading Race Report: CASA Superhero 4 Miler and Midland Mile

Race Report: 5th Avenue Mile

I came back from recovery with the crazy goal of PRing in every distance from 1 mile to the marathon by the end of the year. After this weekend, I can proudly say I’m one step closer. Sunday dawned with clear skies, a welcome contrast from the forecast for the day at the start of … Continue reading Race Report: 5th Avenue Mile

Philly Training: Week 8

This week, I came back from vacation and crashing back to reality with a lingering cold and some nasty jetlag to boot. With my body feeling pretty run down, I made all sorts of modifications to my training plan, including replacing the workouts I had scheduled with the same number of “general aerobic” miles (a … Continue reading Philly Training: Week 8