Boston Training: Week 14

As the calendar turned to April—race month—my training switched into a new gear: the taper. This past week was the first of a gradual three-week taper that is designed to maintain my fitness, but leave me on the starting line feeling fresh and ready to tackle 26.2 miles in less time than ever before. But … Continue reading Boston Training: Week 14

Philly Training: Week 16

So I hinted on Tuesday that my taper and I are not getting along, but that all started this week. Last week was peachy. I very much enjoyed the reduction in mileage and it was perfectly timed, because things really heated up at work and the longer hours + stress wouldn’t have balanced well with a … Continue reading Philly Training: Week 16

Tapering, Or My Attempt At Self-Sabotage

It’s official: I’m in full on taper mode. And apparently that means it’s time for me to subconsciously make every attempt to sabotage my impending race. The Philadelphia Marathon, the marathon for which I’ve trained for and shed blood, sweat and tears for these past 16+ weeks, is just 12 days away. And what do … Continue reading Tapering, Or My Attempt At Self-Sabotage