Tapering, Or My Attempt At Self-Sabotage

It’s official: I’m in full on taper mode. And apparently that means it’s time for me to subconsciously make every attempt to sabotage my impending race.

The Philadelphia Marathon, the marathon for which I’ve trained for and shed blood, sweat and tears for these past 16+ weeks, is just 12 days away. And what do I do? I drop a can of crescent rolls on my foot. What do I do before that? I slam my knee into my coffee table with gusto.


My knee is fine, though I rolled around on the floor rather dramatically right after I whacked it. My foot? That remains a question. It still hurts…

I’m resting and icing, compressing and elevating as much as I can, but the top of my foot definitely isn’t okay. I’m hoping it is just a bruise, like that time I tied my laces too tight before a long run and irritated my extensor tendon. But right now, about 20 hours post injury, I still just don’t know. Still, my plan is to do a test run on it tomorrow and hope for the best.

Keep your fingers crossed! If I miss my race because I impulse bought a pack of crescent rolls I will not be a happy camper…Damn you, Pillsbury!

4 thoughts on “Tapering, Or My Attempt At Self-Sabotage

  1. Sabotaged by a can of biscuits…that might be a first! Hope it is nothing…I’m sure it will be fine, welcome to taper time! During my last taper I swear I developed a serious left knee injury, gained 10 lbs, and was getting sick every day…none of which actually happened. Though by race day I had bought extra hand sanitizer to put around the house and about insisted on a health screen for any of my kid’s friends that happened to stop by 🙂 well not quite, but you get the idea…that was my 5th marathon so welcome to the club! Hope the foot feels better…just don’t have any of that chunky soup for dinner anytime soon!


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