Philly Training: Week 1

Last week, I completed week one of an 18-week training plan for the Philadelphia Marathon. I’m feeling good about how I spent my time returning from my tibial stress fracture last winter, and I’m optimistic about this fall race.

I’ve been reluctant to share my goal time with others, as I’ve been worried that people would doubt me, or view my goal as too aggressive, but I think I have it in me, even if I don’t get there this race. My “A” goal is to run <3:13. That is the time I need for time entry into the New York City Marathon. By “B” goal is to run 3:15. My “C” goal is to PR, which would be <3:21, but really, I’d be disappointed if I didn’t go <3:20.

For my first week of training, I moved things around a bit to accommodate a late-week trip to DC for work, and that worked out well.

Monday turned into my cross training day, with a 45 minute spin class at FlyWheel. It was a pretty good ride—in line with my typical performance at FlyWheel.

Tuesday, I ran my first workout of the season with my running team. After a 2 mile warm up, including some hill strides (2 x 75m uphill, 2 x 100m uphill, walk down), I clocked in 45 mins. at marathon pace, getting a solid 6.23 miles in during that time. I followed that up with a 1.5 mi. cool down.

I was a little faster than marathon pace (7:13 v. 7:20), but not too far off. I was proud of myself for getting that time given how hot it was. My heart rate was definitely above MP effort, but I really wanted to get that first pace workout in at pace as a mental boost to start the training cycle.

MP Run

Wednesday was an easy recovery day. Just 4.25 miles at a pace that was 60% of heart rate reserve. I looked like a weirdo out there. I’m breaking in some Newtons, and they recommend you gradually build up your mileage in them, so I carried a second pair of shoes, and swapped out the Newtons after 1.5 miles in them.

Thursday was a rest day – I had to travel down to DC for work.

Friday, I got my track workout in. I woke up extra early to catch the Metro out to Arlington. I jogged a 1.75 mile warm up to a public track out there, then ran 8 x 800 at 10K pace with 1:30 of active recovery before running back to the train station for my cool down. I was definitely feeling it on those last two intervals, but it was a solid workout.

Track Workout

The most amazing thing about that workout? Everyone out there on the track just left their phones, keys etc. on this ledge by the entrance as they did their workouts! You never see that in New York. Someone would definitely walk away with your stuff when you weren’t looking. It kind of brought home the fact that I’m nearing the point of needing to move from this city…

Saturday was an easy 5 mile, heart-rate driven recovery run along the Rock Creek trail in DC. It was really nice! A little warm, but that’s what I get for not starting my run until almost 10 a.m.

Sunday, I knocked off my first long run, 12 miles at a 7:57 pace—not bad considering I worked two major bridges in there (Queensboro, the infamous 16th mile of the New York City Marathon, and Williamsburg)! I rounded out the weekend with a spin class. What can I say, I was inspired by a friend who ran her first Ironman yesterday!

Total: 40.2 mi.

All in, I’m pretty happy with this week. Now just to keep it up for another 17 weeks… 😉

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