Philly Training: Week 2

I’ve really slacked off this week! I should have had this post up on Monday…but I got lazy. I don’t even have a good excuse for it.

To get down to it, the second week of training went well, despite the need to rearrange some things because of a bachelorette party and a failed alarm clock.

Bachelorette party weekend… This is what NOT running looks like

Anyway, here is what the week looked like:

Training 7-27

Originally, the 8.5 mile run was scheduled for Thursday…but I slept through my alarm (it was WAY too quite!) and didn’t have enough time to do that many miles before work, so I replaced it with my scheduled Sunday 5 mile recovery run. (If you really back it up, Thursday was supposed to be a track workout, but I decided that wasn’t a good idea with a long run with 8 miles at marathon pace the next day.)

Workouts of note:

Tuesday and Friday, my tempo run and long run, were definitely my best of the week.

On Tuesday, I ran 5 miles where the first was at half marathon pace, the middle three were at lactate threshold pace (roughly 15k pace) and the last mile was again at half marathon pace. That meant, ideally, 7-6:51-6:51-6:51-7. In reality, I ran 7-6:58-6:53-6:48-6:57.

I was a little slow on that first LT mile, but I also ran under the Williamsburg Bridge in that mile, so I think my watch might have been a little wonky. Overall, this was a hard workout—particularly given the heat/humidity—but it was a good confidence booster.

On Friday, I ran a 14 mile long run with 8 miles at goal marathon pace. It felt great to get a solid block of miles in at goal pace so early in my training.

My overall time was 1:48:51 for 14.25 miles, an average pace of 7:38/mile. My miles at goal pace were a little bit all over the place, again because running under and over bridges messes with my watch, but the average was spot on: 7:19/mile.


Two weeks in, I feel pretty good. This week was my highest mileage week since the week that ended with me running the New York City Marathon last November…and I think it was my third-highest mileage week ever!

Here’s to 16 more strong, healthy weeks!

Total: 40.9 miles

3 thoughts on “Philly Training: Week 2

    1. Right now I’m doing a hybrid of a few plans, but it is mostly based off of one developed by my running team (which I believe is mostly based off of Jack Daniels). I think next season I want to give Pfitz 18/55 a try. What do you use?


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