Confronting The Running Blues

The Boston Marathon was exactly one month ago today…and I’ve run less in the past month than any other month since I was sidelined due to injury more than 15 months ago—but this time, I’m not injured(ish).

If you read my recap, you’ll know that Boston was a disappointing race for me. I know the conditions were tough, but I can’t help but feel really down about it after months of pouring my heart into my training for it. So after the race, I just didn’t feel like running. And a month later, I still don’t really feel like running.

I took five days off immediately after the race, ran occasionally, and then took the entire last week off as I looked into a nagging foot pain (but really, I think it was partially an excuse not to run).

The foot is (largely) fine. An MRI and an x-ray later and the doctor determined it isn’t a stress fracture (thank goodness), just tendonitis. Oh, and I have a random ganglion cyst at the second metatarsal head, though that is asymptomatic at the moment, so not a concern.

But while the foot is okay (just need ice and a topical anti-inflammatory), my motivation isn’t. I have always loved running, but right now, I don’t. I don’t feel the desire to get out there and hit the pavement. I have no motivation to get up early to get my miles in. I’d rather just sleep.

I had one person recommend I run a race to get my spark back, so I signed up for a neighborhood 5K and I won it! My first ever out-right win (not age group) in a race…but still, I’m not feeling it.

Maybe I’ll get my spark back as my life calms down. In the past week I’ve bought a house, refinished the floors in said house, gone to a wake and funeral, and got an MRI and x-ray. In the next week, we will move into said house, have my parents town (all four of them—mom, dad, step-mom, step-dad), introduce them to my fiancé’s parents for the first time, have an engagement party and go to Washington DC for work for three days. And then we will attend an out of state wedding. It’s a little overwhelming.

Part of me thinks running would help make it feel less overwhelming, but part of me (the part that doesn’t want to run right now) thinks it would just add to the stress to squeeze in a run.

Anyway, we’ll see. Maybe I’ll try for a run tomorrow morning before the movers come.



Have you ever faced a case of the running blues? How did you overcome it? During busy times, do you view running as a stress inducer or a stress reliever?

16 thoughts on “Confronting The Running Blues

  1. I think everyone has different seasons of life… and you can run through them but some seasons are ideal for goal-setting, good races, PRs, etc, and some aren’t. Sometimes running is for coping and just getting through things. Honestly… I don’t think you’ve taken too long of a break considering it’s been a month and you have had other stuff like home buying going on (plus you did run some). You trained REALLY hard for Boston and also for Philly and the other races you ran after the injury so maybe you just needed some down time?

    Still, it’s really good to see a blog post from you pop up on my reader… I do miss your writing :).

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    1. I think you are right. Maybe this is just the season of major life things for me, and it’s better that I focus on the current milestones rather than my running. Though now I have a new neighborhood to explore, so that might help get me out the door


  2. My recent month or so has been the running blues. I just don’t wanna! Not sure if it’s the fact that I bombed my goal race and am afraid I can’t actually hit my goal or I’m just needing a break, but it sucks. I’m trying to just do what I want and hoping it comes back eventually!!!

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    1. “and am afraid I can’t actually hit my goal…” <– that! The self-doubt after a bad race can be so difficult. I hope we both get over the blues soon!


  3. I think this is somewhat normal. It’s impossible to be motivated 100% of the time and it sounds like you were running A LOT in the past year. A think a little break is good both physically and mentally. Congratulations on winning the 5K- that must have felt amazing.

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  4. I’m in one of these running funks. I want to want to enjoy running and train hard, but I’m not feeling it, either. It’s been this way since mid-October. Once in a while, I do enjoy a run, but in general it’s a real chore.
    These things happen. I’m sitting with the feeling and not worrying about it too much any more. I know my love will return, and so will yours. (And if it doesn’t, that’s OK, too. Nothing lasts forever.)

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      1. I’m still trying to run. I attempt it every day—but I’m also dealing with bad asthma and allergies. Lately, I haven’t been doing much because of the fatigue. I’ve been reading and watching some TV shows. And lots of writing.


  5. I am late to read this, but loved the honesty. I find that switching to trails is the best way for me to regroup when I’m feeling burnt out. It is easier on the body and harder to get caught up on pace!


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