Philly Training: Week 11

It’s taper week…Not for the big show (the Philadelphia Marathon…), but rather for the preview race, the Staten Island Half Marathon. And I’m nervous. Like really nervous. I don’t remember the last time I was this nervous for a race. I still feel like my goal might be out of reach, but then I also … Continue reading Philly Training: Week 11

The 21-Day Fix, Results

Well, the 21-Day Fix is over and my results are in, and they aren’t bad. Not fantastic, but I’ll take them given how many bad days I managed to pack in over 21 days. All in, I lost 2 lbs and 3.5 inches (0.75 in. at my waist and hips, 0.75 in. in my thighs, … Continue reading The 21-Day Fix, Results

21-Day Fix, Week 2

Well, week two of the 21-Day Fix was significantly better than the first week, but it still wasn't perfect. I had one cheat afternoon this week, a significant improvement over last week's 2.5 bad days. I stuck to my eating plan Monday through Friday last week, through lunch on Saturday, and all day on Sunday. All … Continue reading 21-Day Fix, Week 2

21-Day Fix, An Intro to My Weight-Loss Story

As I hinted at in my last post, I’m in the middle of the 21-Day Fix, the three week diet and workout program that combines portion control with a 30-minute workout each day. One of my running buddies, Leah, is a team Beachbody coach. I’ve heard her rave about it for months, and figured I’d give … Continue reading 21-Day Fix, An Intro to My Weight-Loss Story

The Amazing Return of Muscle Mass

One of the most surprising things about my road to recovery has been how quickly I’ve regained my lost muscle mass. After three months of inactivity, my muscles were soooo deflated. I tried to do some pool running, but, honestly, it was so boring, I wasn’t great to getting that in regularly. By the time … Continue reading The Amazing Return of Muscle Mass