365 Days Healed

I wrote a post reflecting on my recovery 100 miles in, and now that I’m at the one year mark, I thought it was about time to again step back and reflect. For those of you who are new to this blog, I started it last year to track my recovery when I had a tibial … Continue reading 365 Days Healed

Phantom pains resolved…phew.

I was both smart and stupid in dealing with the phantom pains that I mentioned that I was feeling in my last post. I was smart, because I called up my sports doc and set up an appointment. I was stupid, because I was frustrated with the fact that the earliest appointment was a whole … Continue reading Phantom pains resolved…phew.

The Ghost of Injuries Past, Or A New Problem?

I’m now two solid weeks into my recovery and back to running for 30 min. segments, but now I’m faced with a new problem: phantom pains (I hope). In the past week, I finished my fourth — and last — day of run/walking and ran for a full 30 mins. without any walking three times … Continue reading The Ghost of Injuries Past, Or A New Problem?

Getting Back To It

This winter was long. It was cold, snowy and generally gross. Oh, and I couldn’t run for roughly three straight months. Pretty much any repeat marathon runner will tell you it truly is an addiction. Take running away, and the rest of your life seems harder. Throw in some (self-diagnosed) seasonal-affective disorder, all the delicious … Continue reading Getting Back To It