Staten Island Half: Race Recap

Pre-Race The morning started well. I was already kind of awake when my alarm went off, so no grogginess or disorientation to start the day. I got up, got dressed, had my typical pre-race meal of two pieces of toast with peanut butter with sliced up banana on top. It’s so good that I can … Continue reading Staten Island Half: Race Recap

Philly Training: Week 10

Double digits?! How did we get here so fast? This is the awkward point in training when you are really far in…but you still have so far to go. When you feel strong and confident…but also sluggish and tired. I can tell my body is changing (and hopefully improving), that the miles I’m putting in … Continue reading Philly Training: Week 10

Race Report: 5th Avenue Mile

I came back from recovery with the crazy goal of PRing in every distance from 1 mile to the marathon by the end of the year. After this weekend, I can proudly say I’m one step closer. Sunday dawned with clear skies, a welcome contrast from the forecast for the day at the start of … Continue reading Race Report: 5th Avenue Mile

Philly Training: Week 8

This week, I came back from vacation and crashing back to reality with a lingering cold and some nasty jetlag to boot. With my body feeling pretty run down, I made all sorts of modifications to my training plan, including replacing the workouts I had scheduled with the same number of “general aerobic” miles (a … Continue reading Philly Training: Week 8

Pride 5 Miler — Another PR!

In early May, I let you in on a secret: I wanted to PR in both of my June goal races, a 10K and a 5 miler. On the last day of this month, I’m happy to tell you that I accomplished that goal! It turns out June was a very good month for running. … Continue reading Pride 5 Miler — Another PR!

Finally, Some Validation

I ran my first planned race--the Oakley Mini 10k--on Saturday since coming back from injury, and I'm happy to tell you that I killed it! I miraculously woke up roughly on time on Saturday morning, despite the fact that I stupidly set a "weekday only" alarm on my phone. Thank goodness my bedroom gets a … Continue reading Finally, Some Validation