Boston Training: Week One

Back to the grind, as they say. I kicked off the first week of my 16-week Boston Marathon training cycle last week, and I got straight to work with one good workout and a good chunk of my long run at goal marathon pace. The conclusion after week one: You sure can lose fitness fast. … Continue reading Boston Training: Week One

Year in Review & 2016 Goals

  If you would have told me in January what I would accomplish by the end of 2015, I would have told you that you are insane. This was me in January: I was injured and didn’t run for a total of 86 days. I spent 12 weeks in a boot, and three of those weeks … Continue reading Year in Review & 2016 Goals

Race Recap: Philadelphia Marathon

Tuck in guys and gals, I have a long one for you today. Prologue The Philadelphia Marathon was my 6th marathon, but my first in nearly 13 months due to a tibial stress fracture last winter. I didn’t run Dec. 8, 2014 – March 10, 2015, with the exception of a few short runs before … Continue reading Race Recap: Philadelphia Marathon

Philly Training: Taper & Race Week

Race week is already here. What?! The hard work is done, and now all I need to focus on is not doing anything stupid to injure myself and not checking the weather too much and driving myself crazy. Harder said than done. Exhibit A: the crescent roll incident. With just one, easy 3 mile shakeout … Continue reading Philly Training: Taper & Race Week

Philly Training: Week 15 (Peak Week)

I survived. Seven weeks ago, I had never run more than 50 miles in a week. Now, in the past seven weeks I have run 50 miles or more five times, topping out at 57 miles last week for a new personal weekly mileage record. And I am so happy that it is over! I … Continue reading Philly Training: Week 15 (Peak Week)

Philly Training: Week 11

It’s taper week…Not for the big show (the Philadelphia Marathon…), but rather for the preview race, the Staten Island Half Marathon. And I’m nervous. Like really nervous. I don’t remember the last time I was this nervous for a race. I still feel like my goal might be out of reach, but then I also … Continue reading Philly Training: Week 11

Philly Training: Week 10

Double digits?! How did we get here so fast? This is the awkward point in training when you are really far in…but you still have so far to go. When you feel strong and confident…but also sluggish and tired. I can tell my body is changing (and hopefully improving), that the miles I’m putting in … Continue reading Philly Training: Week 10

Philly Training: Half Way There

It’s hard to believe I’m already half way through my training for the Philadelphia Marathon. It’s also hard to believe I still have another nine weeks until race day. I don’t know of anything but marathon training that can simultaneously fly by and feel like it will never end. This week was about recovery for … Continue reading Philly Training: Half Way There